Why You May Need Motorcycle Dealerships Workers Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance that ensures that if an employee becomes injured while on the job, they will be able to receive compensation for their injuries. Different states have different laws mandating what types of workers comp are required for different types of businesses. The way that workers comp generally works is by providing benefits for an injured or ill employee regardless of who was at fault – in exchange, the employee generally does not have the right to sue the company for the injury.


Why Dealers Need to Offer Workers Compensation


Motorcycle dealerships are among the many businesses that need to provide workers compensation insurance. In particular, it is important to have good auto dealerships workers compensation because of the physical nature of the work at a dealership. Employees at the dealership are driving motorcycles, using dangerous tools, and working alongside potentially hazardous conditions on a regular basis.


Benefits of Workers Compensation


If your employees become injured while on the job, they will usually require two kinds of benefits: wage replacement and medical benefits. Wage replacement, as the name suggests, provides an income for time lost while injured, while medical benefits function like health insurance. Additionally, in the case of an employee death while on the job, motorcycle dealerships workers compensation can cover the family of the employee as well.