Why You May Need Commercial Auto Insurance

Santa Fe Insurance

Whether you’re the owner of a home-based, small, medium or large business, chances are you need commercial auto insurance. Especially home-based business owners sometimes don’t realize that their traditional auto insurance does not provide coverage for their business vehicle. In fact, in order to require commercial auto insurance, you don’t even have to own a separate vehicle just for business purposes. Here’s why you might have to purchase commercial auto insurance from a Santa Fe Insurance agency.

Your private vehicle, if used for business purposes on occasion, needs to be covered by commercial auto. This is because you might transport company equipment or people that don’t fall under your standard auto insurance policy. Even if you use your vehicle to deliver goods or supplies, such as pizza or newspapers, you should consider adding commercial auto to your insurance portfolio. Furthermore, this also applies if any of your employees drive your company vehicles occasionally or regularly. Do you have a ladder or toolbox installed in your truck that you use for both private and business purposes? Then you need commercial auto. As you can see, it’s not only semi-trailer trucks that need commercial auto insurance. Even normal vehicles can classify as business vehicles.

Commercial auto insurance provides coverage for employees, passengers and equipment. If any of the aforementioned situations apply to you, it’s recommended to reach out to a Santa Fe Insurance agency to determine if you need commercial auto.