Marketing Tactics that Pay Dividends

Marketing Tactics that Pay Dividends

marketing strategies for insurance agents 

Marketing insurance is a no-brainer. Build a solid foundation of leads, make initial contact, weed out those people that are not seriously considering the products and services that you offer, and start closing deals. Sounds simple, right? But there is truly more to it than that.
We live in a society that likes getting results instantly, so you need to make your insurance website mobile-friendly so your customers on the go can easily access your information when they need it.

If you work hard at this you’ll be able to put yourself in a position where you’ll see where the opportunities lie and take advantage of it. Bring value by providing useful information or ideas. Use your marketing strategy to stay top-of-mind when the need for your services arises. For different lines of coverage, marketing strategies for insurance agents may differ somewhat. Have a goal in mind and use the tools at your disposal.

Some useful and clever marketing ideas

Blogging is a great way to introduce interesting topics to prospective clients. Use a consistent drip marketing campaign. You should be promoting your website on all of your marketing. This could include business cards, brochures, emails and social media. Your agency logo and your URL should be working hand in hand to drive traffic to your site. You may want to post a banner perhaps, send out emails to a list, and start a regular newsletter.

Perhaps one of the more popular ways of marketing your website is through the use of mini-video testimonials. Identify your more influential insureds and ask them to make a brief video testimonial you can tactfully use. Just a quick 15-second Instagram video recorded on your smartphone can do wonders. Use them online as part of your marketing strategies for insurance agents and display them in-person when actively selling. You should be happy with the results.

Partner with a community charity on Facebook. Savvy agencies are becoming increasingly involved in local causes to support their communities, and Facebook is a great way to get the word out. These types of efforts can help in generating new clients. If they know that you’re striving to make the community better, prospects will likely want to support your business.