What Makes Buying Motorcycle Insurance so Different From Buying Car Insurance?

What Makes Buying Motorcycle Insurance so Different From Buying Car Insurance?

If you are new to the motorcycle insurance market, there are a few things you will need to know before you hop on your hog and cruise off on the open road. While you may have gone through the process of buying car insurance in the past, many new motorcyclists do not realize that purchasing motorcycle insurance is significantly different from purchasing car insurance. For those bikers just starting the process of getting motorcycle insurance in NJ, there is no need to be intimidated. Instead, look at some of the following factors agents use to build a motorcyclist’s insurance policy.




When purchasing coverage for your motorbike, insurance companies measure the risks of daily driving. For drivers that have special certificates, affiliations with riding clubs, or additional riding experience and training, discounts and special rates may be available. The better your résumé for driving a motorcycle, the less risk an insurer sees in offering you a great rate.


Bike Type and Value


When building your custom policy for motorcycle insurance in NJ, most agencies will take your bike type and current value into consideration. While some bikes are more dangerous to drive, raising your insurance premium, others may have expensive parts that are difficult to replace should damage occur, also increasing insurance rates. Age, make, model, and condition of your bike will all play important roles in determining the cost of your policy.


As you consider the differences between car insurance and motorcycle insurance policies, you can know what to expect as you build a custom policy.