Make Sure Insurance Is Up to the Task

The proliferation of do-it-yourself (DIY) shows on home and garden television channels is proof that people are increasingly daring to roll up their sleeves and tackle all manner of improvement projects, inside and outside the home. Unfortunately, many people start out strong yet their attention to detail wanes as the project wears on, week after week…or their skills turn out to be no match for complications resulting from sloping walls and uneven floors. Whether you’re intent on remodeling the whole kitchen or simply painting the powder room, doing a less than perfect job can create a host of problems that go far beyond your spouse’s impatience and dissatisfaction; you can end up triggering a claim on your homeowners insurance policy in Reistertown, Maryland, or even worse—creating a problem that is not covered under your policy.
Consider that simple painting project. After picking up all the paint and other supplies, taping off the baseboards, washing the walls and removing the electrical outlet coverings and applying the first coat of primer, half the day was gone; now days later, the project still isn’t complete. In the meantime, a collection of paint-stained drop cloths is growing in the garage. The problem here: those drop cloths are highly combustible, and a stray spark could easily ignite the pile; the fire could spread through the entire house. In this case, would your policy provide protection?
Fortunately, the answer is yes—the policy covers sudden and accidental occurrence of a fire loss, even if the fire results from your negligence. In some other instances, though, the policy may not offer protection—for example, if a construction mistake caused a leak that wasn’t discovered until months later. The leak was not a sudden and accidental occurrence, and as such may not be covered. Thus, it’s wise to factor this into the decision to go DIY or hire a licensed contractor to perform work on your home. Talk it over with your professional insurance agent, who can provide specifics about policy coverage and exclusions for homeowners insurance in Reisterstown, Maryland.