Liability Protection Needs for Schools

Liability Protection Needs for Schools

Caitlin Morgan

Educational facilities provide an important service to individuals of all ages all across the country. More than institutions of important learning, schools and other facilities provide employment for millions of individuals, many of whom also receive healthcare coverage through their position. The insurance needs for these enterprises are diverse, as education insurance services need to include coverage for staff, students, grounds, commercial vehicles, equipment, buildings, and property.

Disruption Protection

Schools have normal operating hours just like other institutions, and when schools are closed or experience incidents that threaten operations, the disruptions can be chaotic and financially damaging.  As the Caitlin Morgan team advises, insurance products and the advice of the brokers can be used to help a school identify potential areas of disruption and protect against them. School may need coverage in the following areas:

  • General liability
  • Auto liability
  • Cyber liability
  • Professional liability
  • Property coverage
  • Employment practices and law enforcement liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Umbrella protection

Your Designated Defense

Because your employees are busy taking care of teaching and mentoring eager minds and individuals, you don’t want your operations threatened by lawsuits or claims against the institution. An insurance program that addresses your areas of exposure will have policy terms that can support the financial pressure of a lawsuit, whether it be paying out settlement awards or paying for legal representation. Your insurance plan is the first line of defense against incidents.