Liability Insurance: Possible Risks for Yacht Clubs

Liability Insurance: Possible Risks for Yacht Clubs

yacht club liability coverage

When it comes to yacht club liability coverage, there are a variety of general cases which can be covered in the case of a problem. Yacht clubs see a variety of special cases that may not apply to other clubs or businesses, so finding the right coverage is vital to ensuring everything is well taken care of. Simply put, a general liability policy can cover for injuries suffered by someone involved in your yacht club as well as property such as boats at your dock and items within them. Some example cases are as follows.

Injury on Dock

Perhaps a club member is walking to their boat when they trip over a board on the dock, resulting in injury. Yacht club liability coverage can often cover the medical bills and legal fees involved. This also applies to employees, volunteers and others who may be harmed on your docks.

Crime and Damage to Property

One morning, you find that someone’s boat has been vandalized while they were stationed at your dock. Something may have also been stolen. Being able to pay for the replacing of anything damaged or stolen is a benefit of liability insurance, as member’s boats are considered under your care as long as they are at your dock.

Illness After Social Event

Your yacht club just had a regatta and the next day, a member becomes sick and claims that the food was ill prepared. You may not be able to prove one way or another, so yacht club liability coverage can handle the costs.