Liability Insurance Is Solid Protection

Carmel professional liability insurance

Even if your engineering, architecture, or survey firm is a sole proprietorship, you need professional liability insurance to protect your assets and reputation. Even if a subcontractor makes a mistake on a construction project, a client may choose to single you out as the responsible party for the failure of the project. Liability insurance can prevent you from suffering from losses due to errors and omissions and even negligence in your professional services by you or your company’s employees.

Risks Are Increasing

A risk of litigation against your company is actually increasing over time due to the broadening of contractual requirements, developments in design technologies, and newer sustainability requirements. Carmel professional liability insurance can protect you against these type of claims and more.

Reliable Benefits

If a client claims financial injury because of an error or omission by your firm, your liability insurance coverage will step in and protect your assets and pay for your protection in the event of a lawsuit. Professional services of all kinds can benefit from this type of coverage, including environmental consultants, design-build firms, and general contractors.


Carmel professional liability insurance can be customized to meet the individual needs of your sole proprietorship or firm. Policy coverage can also be written to include personal injury, pollution incidents, ADA or OSHA sanctions, and more.