Liability Concerns Staffing Industries Have

Liability Concerns Staffing Industries Have

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The staffing industry is unique. Due to this, insurance policies need modifications to fit a staffing firm. When it comes to staff insurance, customizable options have to be available. Unfortunately, many firms are missing crucial coverages. Here are the concerns that you need to keep yourself aware of so that you get the proper protection.

General Liability Concerns

Property damages by a temporary employee do not fall under basic general liability coverage. Likewise, any equipment operated by temporary staff needs its own staff insurance coverage.

Professional Liability Concerns

Coverage needs to extend to errors or omissions made by employees even after they have been placed at another job. You are still liable for that employee.

Automobile Liability Concerns

If an employee is driving a client’s vehicle, you have to have the right automobile coverage.

Employment Practices Liability Concerns

Staff insurance protects against claims made by temporary employees. Likewise, if temporary employees commit any crime, you are liable for it. Your policy has to cover property held by a client or property in transit.

When it comes to the staffing industry, you need to be careful about the coverage that you have. Basic liability insurance covers employees when they work at your firm, not temporary employees when you place them elsewhere. This is why staffing insurance is crucial.