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Well, I guess it’s about time for me to fill all of you in on what’s been going on with me.

On Memorial Day weekend, I took a fall and thought I had broken my collarbone. A CT scan showed that the collarbone was indeed damaged…but by flesh-eating bacteria. I also had a bacterial form of pneumonia. I was immediately admitted to the hospital where it looked like antibiotics were working. But two days in my white blood cell count went through the roof. Surgery was decided on…so on the day after Memorial Day, I had part of my collarbone removed, part of my breastplate removed and muscle-scraping of my neck to remove the bacteria. I was in the hospital for nine days….home for a week…and then back in for three more days with some some complications. I’m on a regimen of medications….diet and lots of rest. As far as my weight goes–for those interested–I’m down near my high school graduation numbers. I’ll post a picture on Facebook sometime in the next few days.

Now…as bad as that all sounds…the good news is I’m alive. You know how you hear those stories that so-and-so would have died if they hadn’t gotten treatment in 24 hours? That was me. If my orthopedist…Dr. James Strazzeri….had decided to rely on just xrays….you wouldn’t be reading this right now. His sending me for a CT scan literally saved my life. He just had a hunch that there was something else wrong. Thank God he did!

I’m out of action for about another month…but don’t be surprised to see me pop up as a spectator at a Dodger or Angels game. Or at the movies.

There are SOOO many people I need to thank, but I’m going to start out with the best first–my wife.

I knew I was lucky when this angel said she’d marry me, but found out how lucky I was during all of this. She was by my side almost 24-7…going home only to feed the animals and sleep. Since I’ve been home she’s been my nurse…cleaning and changing my surgical wounds and doing just about anything else needed, even though she’s back to her job. God certainly blessed me.

And my in-laws…Florence and Bill Turner. They were there every step of the way supporting both of us. The night before the surgery I had to make out a will–yep, it was THAT serious–and Florence and Bill were guiding me and putting my wishes to paper. (Note: It might be OK to make a will when you’re healthy…but it’s really frightening to do it the night before surgery!) After my parents died I never thought I find “another” set of parents. But I have. Florence and Bill…I love you both!

And my brother-from-a-different-mother, David Vassegh, who was also with me as I was filling out my will, making me laugh at a time I didn’t think it was possible. Congrats on the engagemnt DV. You’re a lucky guy. I’d say Tessa was lucky too, but that remains to be seen!!

And my doctors. I’ve seen Dr. Strazzeri since I first hurt my knee back in 1999. He’s the best and now he’s also my hero. Dr. Michael Soltero–who, ironically, was Chick Hearn’s surgeon when he had heart valve replacement–was magnificent with my surgery. If I ever need another surgery, Dr. Soltero is my guy. First thing he said to me in the recovery room was “It went great. You’re gonna make it.” As Frank Lucas would say–“My man.”

Doctor Edwin Yellin…my infectious disease doctor. Brilliant…thorough…and a wicked sense of humor. When I was trying to get him to release me from the hospital…he walked over with a serious look and said “we still have more to do. You don’t want to live through the surgery and then drop dead, do you?” When he saw the look on my face, he busted out laughing and impishly pronounced that you must have a sense of humor to survive in this world. And that I could go home–the next day.

Also would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dr. Sanani, my hematoligst, who is helping rebuild my blood. Another great man. Thanks so much to all of you. And thanks to everyone at Providence Holy Cross Hospital and the Providence Hematology center and all the nurses and doctors who participated in my care. I’ll never forget what you all did.

So…that’s it for now. I’ll try to update about once a week. Thanks for all the inquiries and I’ll soon have job news for you as well.

Oh…you didn’t think I’d forget…did you?

Congrats to the 2009-2010 NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers! Thanks for beating those green-clad good-for-nothings!!!!!!!!!!!!