How Lack of Dog Liability Insurance Affects Dogs and Their Owners

How Lack of Dog Liability Insurance Affects Dogs and Their Owners

Liability dog insurance

Homeowners and renters know full well about the legal difficulties of owning a dog. There is a pre-conceived notion that all dogs are viscous, misbehaved and will bite at any instance. In the past, liability dog insurance was included in homeowners and renters policies. Nowadays, these policies are outright excluding liabilities for dogs and other animals, causing a financial strain for pet-owners looking to rent or own a home.

Liability dog insurance is starting to disappear from home insurance policies, the argument being that dogs in general are prone to causing heavy damage. Despite more aggression being common in certain breeds, even dogs that don’t exhibit a threatening demeanor are not receiving fair treatment from insurance policies. Also known as canine liability coverage, many landlords and property management businesses have decided to eliminate the risk of any lawsuit claim by flat-out refusing to house pet-owners.

The good news, however, is that some insurance companies are going out of their way to protect dogs from being dogs. Some companies are offering coverage for every breed, and will even consider dogs with past histories of aggression. Although $400 million are accounted for dog bite injuries each year, the seriousness caused by these bites can vary from a simple nip to a full-blown attack. In other words, each situation needs to be taken into consideration when insurance policies provide coverage for dogs.