Keeping Your Production Financially Safe With Insurance

Keeping Your Production Financially Safe With Insurance

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Whether you are a local theatre production or a large concert venue, your event deserves the right insurance protection. You simply never know when an emergency or accident can happen that disrupts your special production. Thankfully, there is a growing number of agencies that provide entertainment insurance for a whole spectrum of events in the industry. These agencies and brokers can look at your special case and advise you on what kinds of risks your event runs.

Who Can This Insurance Benefit?

Anyone project that is in the creative field can benefit from the types of protection this insurance entails. For example, commercial shoots, tv shows, movies, theatrical productions, producers, musical tours, festivals and venues should consider entertainment insurance.

What Policies Can it Include?

An entertainment insurance package can cover much of the aspects involved in a particular event. These policies include equipment breakdown or theft, weather delays, cancellation insurance, liquor liability, crisis containment, motor and trailer insurance, legal liability and studio insurance. It is important to consult with a specialized broker or agent to see what kinds of coverage you should invest in and to understand what is available under their services.

While an entertainment event or production can feel like a thrill ride, you should not be underprepared in case of a real-life incident. Contact professionals who can handle your specific needs today!