Keeping Your Battery Alive This Winter Season

Keeping Your Battery Alive This Winter Season

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No matter how you might feel about winter, you’re sure to agree that those frigid temperatures can compromise the performance of your vehicle. Whether you need to make changes to your auto insurance in Virginia this winter, make sure you take steps to keep your car battery in great shape when the mercury plunges.

Because most car batteries only last roughly five to 10 years, you might want to go ahead and change yours out if you’ve had it for a while. If you want to get as much use out of your battery as possible, you should at least start researching replacements and saving up in case your battery suddenly dies on you.

Even newer batteries can fail to get your car going, mainly because of corrosion. Check your battery to see that there isn’t any residue on it, and check to ensure the battery is in its proper place. If you aren’t sure of the best way to take care of corrosion, have a mechanic handle this step for you.

Live in an especially cold area? Investing in a battery blanket goes a long way in keeping your battery nice and warm, specifically the battery fluid. Another great investment is a trickle charger, which keeps the battery from succumbing to the cold while the car is off.

Don’t let your battery get frosty this winter. Just as auto insurance in Virginia protects your car, these tips are sure to protect your battery.