Insuring Your Trucking Fleet

Insuring Your Trucking Fleet

Western Truck Insurance Services Inc.

Working in the transportation industry brings liability concerns to both cargo loads and vehicle operations. At Western Truck Insurance Services Inc., you can find excellent service and an experienced staff committed to bringing your fleet or owner-operated vehicles quality coverage.

Transportation insurance is a fixed expense faced by truckers and trucking companies across America. Federal laws regulate the coverage required to maintain an operating license, but you can ensure you are getting the best most out of your policy by annually reviewing your needs. The following are often covered by a comprehensive trucking policy:

Commercial auto liability- This covers damages to others involved in an accident, often regardless of fault.
Cargo insurance- If the load you are hauling gets stolen or damaged due to transit incidents, this covers the loss sustained by the intended recipient.
Physical damage insurance- This part of a policy will cover physical damage to the truck and pay for repairs in the event of an incident involving poor weather conditions, accidents or general negligence.
Commercial transport insurance- Your fleet or personal vehicles must be rated correctly for business usage.

At Western Truck Insurance Services Inc., you will find quality coverage options backed by the trust and investment of trucking companies nationwide. With a promise of efficiency and affordability, you can rely on the partnership you will find in their company.