Insurance Telemarketing Sales Strategies

Insurance Telemarketing Sales Strategies

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One of the primary tools in an agency’s arsenal is insurance telemarketing services. They can provide leads that can generate sales and increase business. Now that everyone carries mobile phones and have their iPads at their disposal they can virtually connect anywhere and at anytime. Plus, practically everyone is on Facebook and Twitter, and from a more professional standpoint, many are signed up on LinkedIn. There are several avenues you can choose from in planning your first move.

Telemarketing provides a straightforward approach that you can use to drive new quotes on a continual basis. When you consider the techniques in use and the new technologies available to fulfill telemarketing strategies for this industry you need to focus on a few key issues in order to garner the type of results you’re looking for. For example, how do you handle an initial sales call?

Institute the use of prompts to keep a flow

Since you can’t always memorize everything you want to address during the call, use prompts that you can refer to. This includes your opening statement, specific questions to ask, checklists, persuasive descriptive statements, and other information you want to address that has gotten results in the past. This can truly help with the flow of the conversation.

Concentrate less on selling and more on listening, because if the prospect feels like they’re on a sales call they’re more likely to try and put an end to the conversation. Try to avoid an aggressive approach, and focus on addressing the concerns of the person on the other end of the line.

Remember, you won’t always have the right solution for what a particular individual needs, so be willing to turn down a sale rather than have it result into huge problems down the line. It’s your job to understand what your customer needs and expects, and this can ensure that you’ll deliver the right products before you finalize any sale.

The bottom line is that you want to help the prospect get what they want, and that also accomplishes your ultimate objective; to be of service to them. This only increases your credibility, which results in them keeping you in mind, providing referrals, and perhaps later on inquiring about your products and services. Hopefully insurance telemarketing services will pay off with some positive results.