What Insurance Is Right For My Boat?

If you’re a new boat owner, you may be having a difficult time trying to understand the type of insurance coverage you need. Newport Beach boat insurance can cover a wide range of risks, and it’s important for you to understand the type of coverage you need before you get out on the water.

One of the main risks when your piloting your boat comes from the potential to cause an accident or be involved in an accident caused by someone else. Either way, your policy should cover for injuries to passengers on your boat or third parties who may become injured if an accident takes place. Lawsuits are also a risk when injuries occur, and insurance can cover legal expenses if you are sued following a boating accident.

Just like with car insurance, your boat policy should cover for any property damage that takes place as the result of an accident. This includes coverage for equipment aboard your boat as well as components of the boat itself, like the hull and the sail. Your policy may also cover expenses related to towing or salvage.

Knowing what is covered will help you to understand how to proceed in the event that your boat is damaged in a collision. Before you purchase Newport Beach boat insurance, learn about the different risks you need your policy to cover.