Insurance Options for Marine Repairers

Marine repairers are an integral part of the marine industry. They provide a vast array of services to commercial, industrial and recreational vessels, including routine maintenance, repairs and emergency repairs. Merrimac Marine Insurance policies are available to cover a wide variety of risks faced by marine repairers.

Marine Repair Specialties

The marine repair industry is highly diverse. Services can include electronics repair, painting and welding, carpentry, working with fiberglass, repairing or replacing engines and other systems, working with rigging and sails, and weatherproofing. Repairers work with systems and structures that are essential to a vessel’s functioning, as well as with maintaining the amenities and luxuries that are essential in the marine recreational industry.

Types of Damage

Companies that provide marine repairs are best served by insurers with knowledge and experience in the specific area of marine insurance. Risks faced by marine repairers include property damage, allegations of faulty work that resulted in financial loss, and risks that are particular to the type of repair performed. Your Merrimac Marine Insurance policy will be individually designed to cover the risks your operation faces. Options include casualty coverage, professional liability insurance, as well as specific and general property coverage.

Marine insurers that also provide policies for marine repairers are an excellent insurance option due to their experience with issues that typically arise within the marine industry. Knowledgeable marine insurance carriers are in the best position to evaluate risks and craft policies for optimal coverage.