Insurance News – Directors and Officers for Educators

Today’s world demands insurance coverage. In order to protect yourself, your family, and your hard earned assets insurance in the form of Directors and Officers for Educators is an important tool.

Why Educators Specifically?

Educators are unique in the risks and liabilities they face. Because of their strong connection with children, or those in a position of inferiority in the eyes of the law, educators are ripe to face a variety of legal issues that could include special education considerations, dress code adherence, or even sexual discrimination. Additionally, employment practice claims that are typical in other professions can follow teachers through hiring, terminations, and promotions.

D & O Coverages

In general, Directors and Officers Insurance, also commonly referred to as D&O Insurance, can be difficult to understand. In fact, there are entire white papers written on the subject for both the insurance and legal profession. This type of insurance is generally purchased by the company or organization in which an educator chooses to serve as a director or officer. These positions can be paid or voluntary.

The fallout on an organization if an educator serving on the board is implicated in a suit can be great. Directors and Officers for Educators is an important insurance accommodation that gives both those serving and the company served the peace of mind necessary to foster a confident mutual relationship.