Insurance Marketing Made Easy

Insurance Marketing Made Easy


With so many marketing efforts taking place daily you simply can’t measure the success of any given tactic. Your experience is going to be different from a competitor, and that may simply be due to your location. What works in Florida may not be as practical in Connecticut. By now most agencies have invested the necessary time or money in setting up a website and their social media accounts. Some may view this process as a success while others may still feel like their efforts aren’t fully paying off.


The bottom line is that you have to embrace many different online mediums that are available to you and find the ones that work best. With insurance agency marketing ideas, it isn’t just about breaking new ground, it’s more about using proven tactics and taking them to their full potential. If you’re not getting the results you’ve come to expect then you need to take a different approach.


Good content marketing is a valuable resource


Good content marketing happens when you share interesting content that others may benefit from at no cost to them. Your policyholders see the benefit of this process as do the many visitors and prospects to your website. They say that the easiest leads to close are those that come from referrals, so by reaching out to your policyholders through great content marketing you begin the process.


Regular blogging can lead to success


Writing a blog is a great way to have a source for all of your content and it begins when you start putting together your topic list. Make sure that the content is interesting and engaging. It also helps when the topics are industry adjacent to what you do, since it will fit right in with your business model. Share high quality content to your social networks and you’ll get the added benefit of having a socially engaged network of followers.


You should promote this content to your clients through email as well as social websites, as a way of getting more referrals. Your clients who aren’t necessarily on social media on channels will still be able to access the information and others will benefit through links you’ve been sharing. Your insurance agency marketing ideas don’t necessarily have to be anything new, but doing it right can help increase sales.