Insurance Marketing Ideas for the Online Marketplace

Insurance Marketing Ideas for the Online Marketplace

In today’s online world, getting your business noticed depends greatly on the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. Consumers use cyber research as their first step in shopping for insurance 80 percent of the time. So, consider these three virtual insurance marketing ideas to help grow your business:

  1. Succinct, shareable social media posts – Social media is the heart of today’s online world. Most social media readers expect concentrated content and memorable phrases. The most effective social media posts will always contain a few key phrases that readers want to share, repost or tag. When correctly executed, social media reaches a widespread audience several tiers away from the original viewers.
  2. Interesting Visual Images – A catchy visual image or photo headline will increase the chances that any online content is clicked on and read. The virtual world is a visual one and a unique graphic or photo will catch more attention than a stock image. Seek out creative images, or those that put a new spin on an old idea for the most impact.
  3. Attention-grabbing video – Did you know that including the word video in an email subject increase the chances that the email will be opened by almost 20 percent? The power of video marketing can hardly be overstated. Choosing quality video and optimizing the content for visibility are key in video marketing.

Quality, length, visibility and visual impact all need consideration in any online marketing strategy. When sorting through insurance marketing ideas, keep in mind the power of social media, images and video for the best results.