Insurance Helps Keep You Working

Insurance Helps Keep You Working

The manufacturing sector has access to a range of insurance products that were created with their needs in mind.  These lines of coverage address the challenges inherent to the manufacturing industry and will give any business a major market advantage.

What Does Your Policy Contain?

Manufacturers insurance in Orlando is one type of business owners insurance policy, sometimes referred to as BOP by insurance companies.  BOPs give manufacturers two main benefits: Loss of income coverage and general liability.

  • Loss of income coverage – When business as usual is interrupted by circumstances beyond your control, you need some assurance that recovery is possible.  This line of coverage helps supply the level of income you would have received under normal circumstances; this allows you to focus on recovering your business without worrying about where the money is coming from.  This coverage is usually limited to a certain length of time, typically 120 days after the interruption took place.
  • General liability – A standard line of coverage that forms the cornerstone of your protections.  Among other things, this line of coverage helps protect you from the effects of lawsuits and related legal claims made against you.  This is a strong guarantee that your insurance company is going to stick with you should any claim ever be raised.  General liability dovetails neatly with product liability, another important line of coverage provided by manufacturers insurance in Orlando.

How Coverage Helps

Having manufacturers insurance in Orlando helps you move forward with confidence.  You know that you can continue working even if natural disasters or other major interruptions occur.  Lawsuits won’t have to be faced alone or paid for out of your own pocket.  In a way, your policy is going to help you do better what you already do well.