Insurance for Cleaning Companies

Insurance for Cleaning Companies

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Cleaning companies perform a commendable service for businesses and homeowners. These organizations offer a multitude of services, and they can eventually attract long-term commercial contracts. While the average American is familiar with cleaning services to some extent, likely, many are not aware of cleaning insurance. Regardless of the type of business, every business needs a form of insurance to protect themselves from liability. There are many risks that your cleaning business may be susceptible to, and you should take note.

Handling Employee Illness

Commercial cleaning companies involve the use of toxic chemical that is hazardous to humans if proper precautions are not taken. If an employee mishandles one of these chemicals, they are likely to experience a form of illness. Cleaning insurance will help protect your business from absolute liability and will often cover the damages and injuries caused. However, it is best to establish protocols for each product and service to reduce the likelihood of injuries occurring to employees and clients.

Damaging a Client’s Property

Many commercial cleaning services are relatively routine and pose no risk to a client’s location. With this said, there is always a risk of accidentally damaging someone’s property while doing one’s job. A cleaning insurance policy may assist your company with paying for any potential damages created while on the job.