Insurance Coverage That Addresses Diverse Needs

Commercial Insurance Atlanta

A vehicle is without doubt one of the most important pieces of equipment that a business might own. Many companies would have to cease operations altogether if their commercial vehicles were unavailable. Given how central these items are to the operations of many organizations, and given the many unique qualities of vehicles, it makes sense to address them with a distinct line of coverage in commercial insurance for Atlanta business owners.

Coverage for Every Commercial Vehicle

Agencies selling commercial insurance to Atlanta business owners are likely to also offer commercial auto coverage. An auto line of coverage will include many important features, such as:

  • Collision insurance
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Symbol 1 liability coverage (applicable to any auto)
  • Comprehensive coverage that addresses concerns other than collision
  • Non-owned auto for business

Typically these lines of coverage also address medical payments and expenses associated with lost time. A combined single limit up to $1 million is available. Not all commercial auto policies can be applied to fleets of vehicles, so an alternative for customers seeking fleet coverage may need to be developed.

Protection for All Commercial Vehicles

Vehicles of all types are used every day to help companies do business. Each of these organizations relies on their insurance agencies to provide comprehensive and relevant coverage solutions. Make sure that your policy options include the features that your customers really want to see.