Independent Agents and Aegis Insurance

Independent Agents and Aegis Insurance

Are you an independent agent or broker? If so, you may have hard time providing your clients with the top quality coverage that they need at a price that they can afford. Aegis Insurance is a general insurance company that teams up with independent insurance providers and other distribution partners in order to help provide greater insurance products to more people.

The Specialties

Aegis focuses on designing products that offer top quality protection by focusing on the underwriting process as well as a by targeting risks specifically. They offer a wide variety of programs that can help you grow your business. Their specialties range from manufactured homes to surety bonds to vacant dwellings and a lot in between. Call Aegis Insurance today to find out if they have a program that you need to expand your business.


Not only does Aegis provide specialty, but they also provide innovation. They make it easy for you to increase your audience while providing the necessary programs for your current marketplace. Not only are their policies innovative, but when you work with them the delivery system will be easy.

Independent with Partners

When you work with Aegis Insurance, you become an independent insurance agent with partners. You can turn to them to get new programs to satisfy all the needs that your customers may have. Talk to them today to find out what it takes to become a partner or producer today.