How to Increase Your Cyber Security

Indiana cyber security insurance

When it comes to cyber security, your business, no matter what size you are, has to be proactive and reduce the risks of cyber-attacks. Make sure you have Indiana cyber security insurance to manage costs of an attack, but take these steps to increase security within your company:

  • Vet everyone who has access to your computers and system
  • Watch out for insider fraud as well as outside forces
  • Have a response plan to cyber-crimes to know what to do if the worst happens and you are attacked
  • Invest in antivirus software and make sure you update it regularly
  • Add firewalls to your system
  • Make sure employees are using strong passwords and require them to update passwords every two to three months
  • Consider encryption software for your most sensitive data
  • Train employees to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and to understand the importance of cybersecurity
  • Don’t allow employees to access your network through their phones and tablets, which are generally less secure than your own computers
  • Have a backup system

Indiana cyber security insurance offers peace of mind following a data breach, to help you clean up the mess. More importantly, you’ll get valuable information about protecting your company’s information and preventing attacks. Every business, small or large, is vulnerable to cyber-criminals.