The Importance of Restaurant Insurance Coverage

Restaurant Insurance in California

Restaurants require a large start-up investment as well as constant upkeep. Don’t let your investment go to waste by skimping on insurance. Restaurant Insurance in California can be costly, but it is a necessary expense.


  • $116 million in damages resulted from about 7000 restaurant structure fires in 2002.
  • Many times, restaurant structure fires cause more damage than residential structure fires.
  • 65-percent of restaurant fires are due to cooking accidents.
  • Less than half of fires started where there were automatic fire extinguishers or fire alarms.

Fires are a common hazard faced by restaurant owners. Although it is the most prevalent, it is not the only catastrophe that can strike. Make sure your policy covers fires and other restaurant specific risks.

Tailor Coverage to Your Business

Not all policies for Restaurant Insurance in California are the same. It is important to assess your risks before talking with a policy provider. Review your coverage with a professional. Premiums can vary widely from one policy to the next. You want to pay for coverage you need and exclude coverage that is not necessary.

Insurance is an important part of doing business. There are many risks involved with opening a restaurant. Talk with your policyholder about various options available. Take the time to tailor your policy to your specific business.