Hygienists May Need Extra Insurance

Hygienists May Need Extra Insurance

A dentist office is made up of a team of professionals, including hygienists. Dental hygienists perform important tasks for patients everyday, and this consistent patient interaction puts them at as much risk for malpractice claims as dentists. It may not seem obvious, but hygienist should have dental hygiene liability insurance.


Dental hygienists are at risk of malpractice suits just like any dentist. In some cases, the dental office’s insurance policy will not cover a hygienist. For example, if the hygienist is the subject of the claim, and the dentist is not named, then the existing insurance policy for the office may not cover the costs. Insurance is a way for hygienists to protect their assets in case of a malpractice claim.


There are many reasons a hygienist may be singled out in a malpractice suit. For example, if a patient claims injury of any sort and names the hygienist who administered dental work, then the hygienist will be the defendant of the suit. A patient may also claim failure on the hygienist’s part to detect medical conditions, protect confidential information, or update charts. While it is best to avoid these sorts of situations, malpractice claims can come out of the blue. Even if there turns out to be no real case against the hygienist, the court procedures might be costly. Therefore, it is best to have dental hygiene liability insurance for protection.


In conclusion, a hygienist may find out too late that they are not covered under the office’s insurance policy in certain circumstances. To avoid costly mistakes, they should be sure to protect themselves with a good insurance policy.