How Errors and Omissions Insurance Can Protect You

How Errors and Omissions Insurance Can Protect You

Whether your company is large or small, provides services or creates specific products, you will want to ensure you are protected against claims made against you. Here are three ways error and omissions insurance can protect you and your company in the future.


Whether it is alleged that you have been negligent or that you have been proven so, this type of insurance can protect you. Errors and omissions covers cases when you may have given a client incorrect information or advice as well as mistakes you have made. If you fail to meet a promise or to fully provide a segment of the service you were contracted to do, you will not be left exposed.

Copyright Infringement

There are a lot of people out there creating and marketing in ways that can overlap in execution. You can be covered in cases of claims that your product, logo or any other item has infringed upon another’s copyright. Be sure to request information regarding your particular field when receiving your errors and omissions insurance quote.

Staff and Contractors

Chances are you aren’t the only one providing all elements of your business. With this coverage your staff and any claims made against them can also be protected. This may include temporary staff as well as contractors that work with your company.

Don’t leave yourself unprotected; take the time to get an errors and omissions insurance quote to protect your peace of mind and your bottom line with any potential claims.