How Does Medicare Help Home Health Care Patients?

Is home health care covered by Medicare

Health care treatment never ends when a patient is discharged from the hospital. Often, patients need care while at home, which can become expensive quickly. This is a concern for patients on Medicare. They want to know, “Is home health care covered by Medicare?”

The short answer is that, yes, Medicare covers home health care. However, there are certain stipulations that must be met before Medicare will pay for various treatments. and Medicare doesn’t cover some aspects of home health care, such as long-term health care.

What Does Medicare Cover?

To be eligible for coverage, you must meet a few requirements. For example, your doctor must accept Medicare assignment before Medicare will pay for your treatment. You should also receive an order from your doctor that prescribes home health care as part of your overall recovery plan.

Home bound patients will want to make sure they also have a doctor’s reference to ensure they receive Medicare coverage. The doctor will want to make sure leaving home would be a danger to your health before he signs off. Similarly, whoever provides you with treatment will need to me face-to-face with you to certify that you require home health care.

So, again, is home health care covered by Medicare? Yes, but it is important to know exactly what is covered and what it takes to receive coverage. Make sure you find out.