How Auto Services Workers Compensation Differs

How Auto Services Workers Compensation Differs

Every industry has workers compensation insurance that caters specifically to it. The auto services industry is no different. However, there are different types of businesses that fall under the category of automotive service. There are a few different types of auto services workers compensation insurance available.

Auto Repair Shops

These shops traditionally cater to engine and mechanical repair. This insurance is tailored precisely to the risks of working around chemicals, heavy objects, car lifts and machinery.

Tire Shops

These shops are specific to the sale and installation of tires. Workers compensation insurance for these shops includes the risk of injury stemming from the use of heavy lifts, stacked tires and fluids.

Auto Body Shops

Body work is very complicated and potentially dangerous. Insurance is essential because there are many chemicals and tools used that pose a real threat to the people using them. In some cases, improper use can even cause death.

Transmission Repair Shops

Transmission repair is also very complicated. That is why insurance for these shops are typically different that standard repair shops. Repairing transmissions requires many tools, chemicals, fluids and machinery that are potentially lethal.

These are the four main types of auto services workers compensation available to people working in the industry. Each type of insurance has its own rules and tenants, so making sure you have the right type for your business is key to making sure your employees are completely covered.