What Homeowners Need to Know About Liability

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Customers shopping for Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance frequently come across references to liability. This term can refer to a few different things in relation to the insurance market so it is important that customers have some familiarity with the word and what it means to them. This information can make selecting the right policy a whole lot simpler.


Liability Limits and Available Coverage


With regards to Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance, liability is generally reckoned as a dollar amount. This liability limit is the maximum amount that a policy will pay once certain conditions have been met. A homeowner may need to meet a certain deductible before the liability limit will go into effect; these terms are spelled out in the policy itself.


The lines of coverage available through any given insurance policy typically have a set amount of available coverage. If a customer desires more coverage then an excess liability policy may need to be purchased in addition to the standard policy.


What Liability Includes


The total amount of liability includes the expenses of several concerns, including:


  • Personal belongings
  • Structure of the home
  • Garage, storage sheds, and other detached structures
  • Replacement cost of the home
  • Cost of living away from home during structure restoration


If you want to know more about liability limits and what types of coverage are available through your Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance policy, simply speak with a representative from your insurance company.