What to Do After Your Home Sustains Flood Damage

What to Do After Your Home Sustains Flood Damage

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It’s important to know what to do to prepare for a flood, but it’s equally essential that you know what to do after the flood has swept through your neighborhood and is lingering in your basement and everywhere else in your home. Getting flood insurance in New Jersey is sure to help with the process, as will these tips.

Document the Damage

As you’re looking over the totality of the flood damage, take pictures and video of everything you see before you call for repairs or start to get rid of the water. These images and video are vital to your insurance claim, and you want to stand the best chance of your claim being accepted.

Take Measure to Avoid Other Risks

Just because the waters are calm doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Keep an eye out for structural damage to your residence, and get in touch with the local utility company if you think there might be damage to your water, sewer or electrical lines.

Stay Healthy

Flood insurance in New Jersey is meant to protect your finances, but you’ll need more to protect your health. Specifically, you’ll want to wear high, waterproof boots, waders and rubber gloves to protect yourself from contamination. Boil water before drinking it, and throw out food that came into contact with flood water.

Being caught in a flood is the last thing anyone wants, but recovering is possible and easier with a few useful suggestions.