Have Your Insurance Properly Managed

Have Your Insurance Properly Managed

Dealing with insurance agents can seem like navigating treacherous waters. They offer lifeboats, but then add on expensive life jackets, custom-made paddles, maybe a jet engine motor. Sure, they’d all be nice to have, but they aren’t really what you need. Specialty insurance managers look at what specific coverage you require, and offer it without a bunch of add-ons.

In the home health care industry, for example, there are a myriad of job-specific issues that can be addressed. For caregivers, there is both professional and general liability to consider. On the other end of the spectrum is worker’s compensation. A specialty manager can customize an insurance plan for a company with these diverse, but related, issues.

A business that relies on worker’s to travel extensively will need different coverage than one with no drivers at all. Yet, a general insurance policy may not take those differences into account. A specialty insurance manager would understand the differences and can provide a proper policy.

A manager can also put together proposals for your company, making sure the plan that you currently have is up-to-date, as well as adding any new items you may need or removing items that are no longer relevant.

Specialty insurance managers are experienced in underwriting policies that will best suit your organization. They can create a customized plan for you that will give the coverage you need and leave out what you don’t.