Good Content Is a Vital Part of Any Marketing Plan

insurance marketing plan

A successful marketing strategy takes some effort and is approached differently by agencies trying to stake a place in their particular marketplace. By now, most agencies have invested quite a bit of time or money in setting up a website and various social media accounts, which can be vital in building an audience, and can go a long way towards increasing their client base.

A social media presence is the next step in your insurance marketing plan if you haven’t already gotten on board. Taking ownership of these online mediums and allowing them to work to your advantage is the best strategy for your digital marketing plan, provided that you’re also constantly updating the content. Good content marketing is creating and sharing interesting content designed to help visitors, not necessarily to sell products. That will come with time, but the idea here is to build a trusting relationship so that visitors to your site will respect you and your opinions.

Writing regular and interesting blogs

While writing a blog is a great way to engage your audience and to do so it must resonate with them in order to generate interest. Know your target audience is, as this will help you to decide on your list of topics. For example, if you’re market is with professionals, don’t write about homeowners or auto liability coverage. Focus on the risks professionals face and how to mitigate these risks.

In addition, you don’t always have to write about insurance. Perhaps you can write about the driverless technology in cars, or how artificial intelligence will create further advances in different business models. The content should be interesting and engaging to the reader so pick subjects that are somewhat industry adjacent, but try not to be obvious in your attempt to sell your products and services.

Email newsletters are also a good source for revealing changes and new developments in your industry. While the blog you’re writing is a great way to bolster your client base, it makes sense to share that content elsewhere. Take your most interesting blog posts and put them together in an email newsletter format. That way, policyholders that don’t actively read blogs will now have access to this information. This is what an insurance marketing plan is all about.