Get Professional Coverage with CPA Liability Insurance

CPA professional liability insurance

When working with clients, you always run the risk of one small omission turning into one large lawsuit. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a multimillion dollar firm, having E&O insurance is vital to protecting your business’s assets and preventing the catastrophic fallout of a claim. That’s why you need CPA professional liability insurance designed to meet your business needs.

Three Tiered Insurance Packages

Depending on the size of your business and your overall liability plus insurance needs, you can choose from one of three structured insurance packages:

  • Programs for small accounting firms with $2.5 to $25 million in annual revenue
  • Programs for large accounting firms with over $25 million in annual revenue
  • Bespoke or as-needed programs for accountants and accounting firms, including “Prior Acts Coverage” on an as-needed basis

Select from the package that works for you and the size of your business, and ensure you’re covered from the effects of lawsuits and claims.

Extensive Knowledge of E&O Insurance

You can place your trust in a company that has built its reputation on offerings in CPA professional liability insurance and a broad range of expertise in E&O insurance. With a proprietary underwriting system and highly customized services, we’re able to right-size our liability insurance offerings to meet and exceed your needs.