Freight Liability Insurance Programs for Unique Risks

freight liability insurance

Commercial freight liability insurance programs offer protection for your goods when they’re being shipped either domestically or internationally. We have many types of insurance coverage for logistics providers and global supply chains to give you peace of mind by avoiding coverage gaps and providing indemnification for liability.

If you’re moving oversize cargo or high-value goods, you want specific coverage that manages the distinctive risks of that shipment. Work with a specialized insurance agent and underwriter who knows the shipping industry and can give you the best coverage possible. When your goods are being shipped to or from high-risk destinations, you want specialty coverage to manage the higher hazards.

We have freight liability insurance programs for merchandise shipping by air, rail, truck and water. We provide warehouse coverage and short-term and long-term staging coverage. In addition, we offer coverage specific to transportation and to accommodate the company that is in care and control of the shipment.

Make sure you have an experienced underwriter and agent who knows the ins and outs of the logistic industry. Don’t leave your merchandise unprotected along the way. Get specialty coverage with expedited quotes to find the policy that manages your risks. Let us help you feel more secure with every shipment.