Finding the Right Liability Coverage for Your Business

U.S. Risk Insurance

One of the most important decisions a business owner must make is the kind of liability coverage to purchase. Do you need a general liability policy or just public liability insurance? As reported by U.S. Risk Insurance, you should at least purchase a public liability policy to protect your company against claims of injury by any guests who walk onto your property. This policy doesn’t just protect you, though. It can also cover any losses suffered by the injured party.

Outside Vendors

If delivery personnel trip and fall when bringing a package into your building, you could be held responsible for the injuries. Without the right coverage, the injured person has to depend on your ability to pay for the loss out of pocket. Having the policy protects you both.


Many things can happen to customers while they’re in your building. Something as simple as an upturned rug can cause an accident in which customers get hurt. Your public liability insurance is designed to compensate them for their suffering. They are made whole and you can avoid paying for a potentially costly lawsuit.
While you may need additional liability coverage, a public liability policy is a good place to start. It protects you against loss from any injury or property damage visitors suffer while on your premises.