Exposures for Business Vehicles

Exposures for Business Vehicles

hired and non-owned auto insurance

In a high-paced world, it is no surprise that those providing transportation and delivery services remain busy. This high-demand field is typically tasked with moving people or goods from one location to another in a variety of scenarios. Like many customer service businesses, a responsibility like this comes with its own set of risks. In order to protect against mishaps that can occur in this line of work, safeguards such as hired and non-owned auto insurance can help ensure that parties involved in the business transaction are covered.

Types of Business Vehicles That Need Coverage

There are many scenarios where a personal or non-owned vehicle can be considered a business vehicle. Oftentimes, standard auto insurance may not be enough and will therefore need to be supplemented. Some of these vehicles are:

  • Personally owned by employees but used for company business
  • For courier and delivery services
  • Company vehicles used to transport goods
  • Used for transportation services such as taxis, vans, limousines

Customized Coverage

Regardless of the scenario, if damages or accidents occur in or from these business vehicles, they can be quite costly and a high risk to a business’s assets and reputation without the crutch of adequate coverage. To find out what type of specific hired and non-owned auto insurance category your vehicles might fall under, speak to a representative specializing in business autos to get the right plan to fit your needs.