Equine Mortality Insurance

Equine Mortality Insurance

Horse breeding, racing, and leisure riding are popular activities in the state of Tennessee. Horses are costly investments to purchase and maintain. In the absence of equine mortality insurance Tennessee residents would have to pay for many unforeseen costs out-of-pocket.

Plan for the Unexpected

Like people, horses experience illness and accidents. Racehorses are athletes and thus more susceptible to being injured while on the job. Generally, medical catastrophes are unexpected. Out-of-pocket costs cant be accurately estimated until after the fact. Not all accidents take place in the course of riding or racing your horse. Mishaps can occur during transport or even while your horse is boarded.

Insurance Coverage

With equine mortality insurance Tennessee horses will be covered to varying degrees, depending on the policy. Many policies cover emergency surgery, illness, disease, and a shared portion of reasonable veterinary fees. These plans generally protect horses of varying specialties and include animals kept for casual use. For extraordinary circumstances, additional coverage may be available. For example, injury to your horse could result in loss of income or an interruption of your regular business process, with which specialty policies can assist. It is important to read the terms of the insurance policy to be certain that there will be coverage for potential accidents related to your horses specific use. If you do not currently have mortality insurance for your horse, look into your options immediately.