Ensure Safe Parking for Your Customers

Ensure Safe Parking for Your Customers

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Whatever business you may have, if you have a valet service available for customers to use, you’ll want to be sure that there is insurance coverage in case of something going wrong. While you cannot force customers to have to use your valet services, many chose to with the confidence that their car will be taken care of well. Including valet insurance in your program will specifically cover for liabilities that customers’ cars may be at risk of, saving you and the car’s owner any headaches while dealing with repairs and claims.

What Needs to Be Covered?

When it comes to valet parking, cars, pedestrians and drivers can all be at risk of being damaged or harmed. This is why liability is the most important part of valet insurance. General liability will cover for any harm that is the fault of a valet employee, whether they work for you or a valet firm. This includes both physical injury and damage to property.

The highest risk of accidents is within the garage or parking lot, rather than while driving in the streets. Garage keeper’s liability covers any car that is kept within the property when it is considered under the care of the valet attendants. However, some cases of harm, such as theft and weather damage, are beyond the control of the employees and will need to be covered by the owner’s private insurance. Make sure this is clear to anyone making use of your valet service.