Do’s and Don’ts on SEO

Do’s and Don’ts on SEO

Insurance Websites

While most agencies focus on the design of their website and the information contained therein, others rely on original content and having quality back links that will result in better rankings by way of search engine optimization (SEO) for Insurance Websites. But the process requires going about improving rankings in the right way.

Algorithms are designed to seek out poor content and duplication, for which websites are penalized and they wind up lower on the depth chart. Insurance agents spend money on link building and link farming tactics specifically to increase their rankings. It’s important therefore to look for quality ways to make any SEO programming work to ensure website rankings do improve. Those negative or “Black Hat” tactics are exactly what Google and other search engines try to identify and downgrade.

Avoid the use of excessive keywords

Putting a long keyword phrase, or several, multiple times within a webpage is referred to as “keyword stuffing”. The idea is to make these keywords visible to the search engine as a way of helping rank your site higher in searches, but often has the opposite effect. Another often-used tactic is the use of hidden text.

Not put to use nearly as much as it once was, the use of hidden text is something to avoid. Google also warns webmasters against the use of white text on a white background, or locating text behind an image on a webpage for the purpose of being discovered by search engines. This is simply another tactic that is not seen favorably by search engines. Google doesn’t like these methods of optimization because they aren’t focused on improving rankings based on quality content; instead SEO is merely trying to get around the search engine’s algorithm.

You should avoid using automatically generated pages to increase exposure, a process that consists of paragraphs of random text that makes absolutely no sense to the reader but may contain search keywords, often text generated through automated processes using techniques like combining content from different web pages without adding sufficient value.

Link farming is a prime example of a “black hat” method of SEO because the content on the website is often of low quality. SEO for Insurance Websites should avoid using these types of tactics since the use of legitimate long-term search optimization strategies will always garner the best results.