Dog Bite Insurance is for Every Dog Owner

Dog Bite Insurance is for Every Dog Owner

insurance for dog bites

No matter how well behaved man’s best friend is, there is always potential for an injury caused by dogs. You may be thinking that the risk of your dog biting another person or animal is minimal. This may even be true. Even so, insurance for dog bites is vital for every dog owner to have. Here are two circumstances that may not be the dog’s fault but can leave you liable for damages.

Cats and Dogs

While some dogs get along great with cats at home, they may not have that same reaction in pubic. Everyone has seen accounts of dogs chasing cats or dogs getting too rough in play with a cat. If you’re in public, it can be difficult to control your dog if he sees a cat. This isn’t your fault and it’s the dog’s natural instinct. However, if a bite is sustained, insurance for dog bites can help pay for damages.

A Strange Dog

Like humans, dogs can also be suspicious of strangers. When met with an unfamiliar dog, this can sometimes lead to trouble. If the other dog is insecure or afraid, it could lash out first. This can cause a fight in even the tamest animal.

Dog bites can happen in many different circumstances. Even if you aren’t sure, there’s always the possibility and you should always protect you and your dog.