Does Your Nursing Home Insurance Protect Against Residents' Rights Claims?

Does Your Nursing Home Insurance Protect Against Residents' Rights Claims?

Most nursing homes employ carefully designed policies to protect residents from rights violations and employees from wrongful claims. Still, these policies cannot always prevent misconduct or false allegations. This makes having appropriate insurance for nursing homes and residents’ rights claims essential. If you run a nursing home, you should consider the following points to ensure that your coverage is adequate.

Are Specialized Employees Protected?

Specialized staff, such as beauticians and barbers, may not be covered under your general liability policy. These employees may face claims involving burns, cuts, scalp damage and other physical injuries. Typically, these claims are only covered under a specialized professional liability policy, such as a Barbers and Beauticians policy.

Is Alleged Abuse Covered?

Many insurance policies explicitly exclude residents’ rights violations that involve physical or sexual abuse. Unfortunately, these are usually the incidents in which insurance for nursing homes is needed most, since defending against these charges or paying damages can be costly. It is important to make sure that your policy offers protection against all relatively likely claims, including incidences of abuse.

Does the Policy Reflect the Current Climate?

With the elderly population increasing and nursing home staffing shortages becoming more common, elder abuse presents a growing issue. The family members of older adults are also more sensitive to potential rights violations than ever before. These factors can make it difficult for nursing homes to fully mitigate the risk of claims.

Given these changes, it is critical to choose insurance coverage that fully addresses this threat. Even if you already have a strong policy in place, it is essential to regularly review it or seek a professional opinion to ensure that you are not leaving your business exposed to damaging claims.