Do Photographers Need Liability Coverage?

Do Photographers Need Liability Coverage?

Freelance creative professionals often take on self-employment without assessing the full range of professional insurance options they should invest in. That is often because they view themselves as individuals and not businesses, but the truth is, if you’re self-employed, you are the business. It doesn’t matter whether you register an LLC or get a separate tax ID, you still incur the same exposure to liability as any other player offering services in your industry. So, assuming you work on your own, what do you need for liability protection, and what other insurance coverages for photographers might you consider?

Professional Liability Protection for Photographers

There’s always a chance you will wind up with factors beyond your control impeding your ability to provide service. That’s what professional liability coverage addresses. Whether it is malfunctioning equipment, dissatisfied customers, or simply arriving late due to factors outside your control, there are a lot of ways you are open to damages when an event goes wrong. Professional liability coverage basically takes care of you when errors or omissions in your service occur that lead you to have to cover damages.

General Liability

It’s also a good idea to carry a general policy, especially if you have a photo studio and clients come in to sit for sessions. General coverage takes care of physical damage to property, injuries that occur in your studio space, and other basics that round out your coverage. For most individual professionals operating without a business-owned vehicle, these two types of liability protections are often all you need. If you do have vehicles or you need extended risk coverage for your business income, inquire about whether your liability provider can also quote those insurance coverages for photographers.