Dangers of Driving Without Insurance

car insurance in CT

There are many different types of insurances out there. You do not necessarily need every one, but if you own a vehicle, then you need to be certain that it is insured. If you get caught without car insurance in CT, there are some serious penalties to pay.

Legal Penalties

If you get pulled over for speeding or some other infraction, you must provide proof of insurance to the police officer. In the event you do not have it, then you may receive a ticket or a sizable fine. There have also been instances where a driver’s license was suspended.

Pay Out of Pocket

The reason you need insurance is if you end up in an automotive accident. Without insurance, you will have to pay out of your own pocket in order to repair the damage. Additionally, if you get hurt, then you will need to cover your own medical expenses. The other driver may file a lawsuit against you, and without insurance, you are going to have to pay for all your own legal fees, which can add up rapidly.

Anyone currently driving without car insurance in CT needs to rectify that situation immediately. The risks are far too great. Talk to a reputable insurance provider so that you can be on your way of being on the right side of the law.