Customized Insurance Options for Nursing Professionals

Customized Insurance Options for Nursing Professionals

NSO liability insurance

Threats of major fiduciary losses come from nearly every aspect of doing business. For healthcare organizations and individual licensed professionals, this fact rings truer today than ever before. Traditionally, doctors and dentists faced malpractice claims, but nurses and nursing care organizations are now also vulnerable. Nevertheless, a NSO liability insurance solution for your company must include professional liability products, along with general and specialized coverages to provide the hedge it needs.

The Basics on NSO Insurance

Specifically, NSO insurance usually contains professional liability, or malpractice, coverage. It’s designed to handle claims stemming from accusations of negligence or deliberately harmful acts and generally handles expenses due to bodily injury, property damage and personal injury along with legal defense costs. Some nursing care providers elect to provide company-wide coverage that also includes insuring individual nurses, incorporating it with general liability and other products such as:

  • Cyber security and privacy
  • HIPAA coverage
  • License protection
  • Personal injury coverage
  • Sexual misconduct and abuse coverage
  • Legal expenses benefits

Choose an Agency With Industry Expertise

Your personalized NSO liability insurance package should be created to address multiple avenues of liability, both with general liability and with specific indemnity options. With professional liability coverage and protection against damages from data breaches, accidents, and abusive acts, your company will be ready to grow while contending with the challenges ahead.