Creating Lead-Generating Websites for Insurance Companies

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As an insurance company, you need to draw consumers away from competitors and towards your business. To do that, you need a website that is designed with consumers in mind. In fact, there are certain elements that make the insurance company website stand out and draw customers in.

Elements Your Website Needs To Attract Consumers

An insurance company’s website needs to reflect the brand. However, it also needs to generate leads. You can do that by creating a website that has the following elements:

  • Consumer usability: Visitors to your website should be able to find the information or services they need easily. They should also be able to seamlessly move between pages.
  • Download speed: If your website doesn’t download quickly, consumers will click away and go somewhere else.
  • Mobile friendly: Many people shop right from their phone, so your website should be able to be used across mobile platforms. In fact, the information at states that of the companies that made their websites mobile-friendly, 62% of them increased their total sales.
  • Targeted keywords: Search engine optimization is also part of website design and helps you implement keywords your target audience find important so you can attract customers.

Make Your Website Attract Customers

Insurance company websites rely on an understanding of the industry and the audience to create an attractive online presence. Keep the elements listed above in mind when you design or re-design your website.