Cover Your Janitorial Services for Mistakes

Cover Your Janitorial Services for Mistakes

janitorial general liability insurance

General liability is perhaps one of the most important types of insurance policies for all businesses. Accidents happen, and they can cause difficult situations for all those involved. In the case of janitorial general liability insurance, coverage is often able to take care of the financial loss a business would have to face when accused of causing harm due to cleaning mistakes, negligence, equipment problems and many other types of issues. Errors and accusations are due to happen, so it’s only safe to be prepared.

What Does General Liability Cover?

With janitorial general liability insurance, there are many accidents and damages that can be handled by the policy put in place. In general, there are two main parts of financial coverage that is often included in general liability:

Property damage: If your employee is working on a job and manages to break or otherwise harm a part of the building or any of its contents, whoever your business is working for will require payments for repairs or replacements.

Physical injury: Whether it’s an employee of your own or a passerby in the building where they are working, if someone is injured due to your janitorial services, medical bills need to be paid.

Your employees may make a mistake and misjudge, leading to a broken window. Someone may forget to put up a wet floor sign, causing a person in the building to slip and fall. There are various cases where janitorial general liability insurance can ensure that your business does not fall into financial problems.