Contactors and Construction Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor or subcontractor, it’s vital that you make sure that you have the proper contractor and construction insurance in New York. Not only is contractor and construction insurance an essential part of the business, having it can mean the difference in losing a job and winning a job.

Contractor’s Insurance

Anyone who contracts services to others should have contractor coverage. This type of coverage is required when contracting services to the city, state or federal government. Not only that, but it’s usually required by all private entities from contractors.

Essentially, contractor insurance is a form of protection for everyone who is involved in a contract. The individual or group that hired the contractor has the reassurance that any injury or damage that results from the contractor’s work will be taken care of with the insurance policy. The contractor also has the reassurance of knowing that they won’t be legally responsible for any injury or damage claims. Not only that, but they are also protected in the event that they are hit with a lawsuit.


Something to take note of with contractor and construction insurance in New York is that is doesn’t provide protection for deliberate negligent acts or errors. Any contractor who has a consistent past of negligent acts will more than likely have a hard time convincing an insurance company to cover them.

Insurance is simply something that we’d all rather not pay for, but will undoubtedly appreciate when we have it, and that’s especially true in the construction business.


photo credit: dkshots cc