Considering Insurance for Your Transport Truck? – Here’s How It Works

insurance transport

Insurance policies offered to trucking companies or private trucking services can be personalized to each individual situation or business circumstances. Whether you are a truck driver for hire, offer individual trucking service or are hiring truck drivers with company trucks, there is an insurance transport package ready to back you up.

Which Trucks Are Considered Under This Class of Insurance?

Only specific types of trucks or cargo are classified under this type of insurance. If you have a type of truck or service not included in this list, you may be required to use different types of insurance liability packages.

  • Owner or operator of trucking fleets-For-hire truckers-Sole proprietor truckers that are not for hire-Auto transport-Frozen foods, fresh produce or dry goods-Sand, gravel or rocks-Field to plant-

Dump or logging trucks-Heavy equipment haulers-Fuel, LPG or propane haulers-Mobile home transports-Delivery trucks

What Types of Risks Are Covered for Trucking Services?

An expert insurance agent can customize your insurance package to cover damages or risks pertaining to truck drivers and their business. Here are the types of insurance transport packages a trucking company or service may require.

  • Personal Injury Protection or medical payments (medical expenses for accidents)-Physical Damage (damage caused to property)-Hired & Non-Owned Auto (covers for-hire truckers)-

Uninsured/Under-insured Motorists (package for fleet operators to cover their for-hired trucks and drivers)-Motor Truck Cargo or In-Tow (package covering the value of cargo in any state of delivery)